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Simple and transparent pricing

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Self Managed

$99.95 Monthly
$299.85 Quarterly
$599.70 Semi-Annually
$1199.40 Annually
$2398.80 Biennially
$3598.20 Triennially
100GB SSD Storage Space
2TB Monthly Bandwidth
4TB Memory Allowance
4 vCPU Allowance

Self Managed Plus

$162.45 Monthly
$487.35 Quarterly
$974.70 Semi-Annually
$1949.40 Annually
$3898.80 Biennially
$5848.20 Triennially
150GB SSD Storage Space
4TB Monthly Bandwidth
8TB Memory Allowance
6 vCPU Allowance

Self Managed Premium

$224.95 Monthly
$674.85 Quarterly
$1349.70 Semi-Annually
$2699.40 Annually
$5398.80 Biennially
$8098.20 Triennially
200GB SSD Storage Space
6TB Monthly Bandwidth
16TB Memory Allowance
8 vCPU Allowance
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Why Choose Self-Managed VPS Hosting?



Our Self-Managed VPSs offer unparalleled customisation options, granting you unrestricted access to unleash the full potential of your business. These scalable, high-performance plans are tailor-made for enterprises backed by a proficient team, seeking an exclusive environment with dedicated resources. Whether you're expanding rapidly or have intricate technical requirements, our VPS solutions empower you to shape your digital infrastructure precisely as you envision it, ensuring optimal performance and security for your operations.

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Our Self-Managed VPSs offer complete customisation, granting unfettered access to unleash your business's complete potential. Ideal for businesses backed by a fully experienced team, these scalable, high-performance plans provide a personalised, dedicated environment tailored to your needs.

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Commence with your VPS journey with near-instant provisioning, courtesy of our efficient setup procedure and proficient server administrators.

Once your VPS has been provisioned, design the ideal hosting setting for your enterprise with an array of licenses, resource bundles, and supplementary services at your disposal. With our hardware on Australian soil and Australian-based support team, we consistently guarantee exceptional support and optimal functionality.

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Try us for 30 days absolutely risk-free! You are completely protected by our no-risk guarantee program. If by any means you decide to cancel your account over the next 30 days, you'll receive an instant refund, no questions asked.

Technical Specifications

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Scalable Platform

Effortlessly integrate additional resources into your service as your business expands and grows, ensuring that your website and associated services maintain their lightning-fast speed consistently, regardless of increasing demands or traffic surges.


Secure Environment

Your server will benefit from the additional safeguarding of thorough threat prevention, thanks to the Fortinet hardware firewall and CXS vigilantly monitoring all files within your service, aiding in thwarting any malevolent content from infiltrating your server.

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Cutting Edge Server Hardware

Employing state-of-the-art enterprise-grade hardware is essential for achieving success in constructing our premier VPS platform. Prepare to encounter unparalleled speed and dependability, from lightning-fast DDR4 memory to SAS SSD drives and meticulously optimized RAID controllers.


100% Australian!

We at Black Cat Hosting are deeply committed to assisting Australians. Whether you're interacting with our Sales and Billing departments or seeking assistance from our esteemed Technical Support team, rest assured you'll be in direct contact with fellow Aussies.

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